(Unisex) Gauze Diaper 18X36 12's

100% Cotton, more absorbent and it's fit for boys and girls

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Diaper, burp cloth, wash cloth, changing pad - our cloth diapers are truly a multi-tasking piece you can't be without.

* Super absorbent, super soft, easy to wash, dry and fold

* Reusable, eco-friendly, super breathable and gentle for baby’s skin

* Use as a diaper: pre-fold in any way you or baby are comfortable

* Use as a burp cloth: pre-fold and place on your shoulder when it’s time to burp baby

* Use as a wash cloth: scrub on baby’s skin gently

* Use as a changing pad: pre-fold and place on bed or changing table to catch any mess on baby’s bottom while changing

*100% cotton that remains super soft even after multiple washes 

* Machine washable

 * Tumble dry 

* Do not beach 

* Do not dry clean 

* Cool iron only

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