Due to government directives on enhanced community quarantine, Beginnings Baby's website orders will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your kind consideration.


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Do you ship outside of the Philippines?

We currently do not ship outside of the Philippines. However you may message us on Facebook and we’ll immediately respond and assist you for special arrangements :)

How can I order if my delivery address is considered as Outside Delivery Zone?

For now, you may message us on Facebook and we’ll immediately respond and help you for special arrangements :)

How Much Is The Shipping Fee?

Type of Parcel

Metro Manila Provincial
Small Pouch 60.00 + Insurance 120.00 + Insurance Fee
Big Pouch 100.00 + Insurance Fee 150.00 + Insurance Fee
Box 240.00 + Insurance Fee 350.00 + Insurance Fee

What are your payment options?

We accept both credit card payments and Cash on Delivery (COD).

Why all-white?

It’s easier to spot stains, crawling insects, and is considerably cooler to our baby’s skin.

What makes Beginnings’ all-white apparel special?

When we created the product, we realized that our little ones would be using it for long periods while mostly home throughout the day.

What makes your signature climate-friendly cotton special?

The fabric is so soft and cooling to the skin, that all the adults on team beginnings have custom versions that they use to sleep! :)

How come some items do not have bigger sizes? Only 0-3?

The nature of items are exclusive for newborns and infants aged 0-3 months :)

Where is your product made?

Beginning’s Baby is proudly made in the Philippines :)

Why did you create Beginnings Baby?

We created Beginnings Baby to encourage the use of all-white garments for newborns and infants for reasons such as safety, cleanliness, and comfort. And because us adults prefer to use our super-old t-shirts at home because they’re so soft on the skin, we made sure that we, the founders, tested the fabrics on ourselves first before we could approve it for a our little ones. It was only when we could comfortably lounge in the fabric, sleep in the fabric, and wear the fabric for many hours at a time that we finally approved it for our newborns and infants :) This is how our signature climate-friendly cotton fabric was born!

What is the difference between your TC blanket/washcloth/big vs. Terry blanket/washcloth/bib?

TC feels more like a piece of clothing for a smoother wrap-around feel, while Terry feels more like a soft-towel for stronger absorption.

What is your recommended washing instruction for your products?

Beginnings Baby may be hand washed or machine-washed. Make sure to use baby-safe detergent and to pre-treat tough stains. Kindly make sure not to use bleach and other strong detergents.

What is your usual sizing?

Our sizes range 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-9 mos, and 9-12 mos. Please note that for the sake of comfortability, our sizes run larger than normal. You may also refer to our Beginnings Size Guide for further detail :)

Should you wish to return or exchange an item?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns assistance.